Frequently Asked Question about POBox

May 11, 2018

When you organize a meeting or have a class, you may need to let participants know your email address. In such occasion, some designated address for the purpose, not one including your name, will be more preferable.

With POBox, you can create multiple mailboxes, and you can choose the names for your own. Incoming email to those mailboxes is automatically forwarded to your Tohokudai-mail(TUMail) account. Thus, you can safely communicate with people without disclosing your TUMail address.

Name of mailbox (alias name) must be within 8 to 64 characters in length beginning with an alphabetic character followed by sequence of letters including at least one of number(0-9), hyphen(-), and underscore(_). You cannot choose the name being used by another user.

  Very long alias name might be problematic on communication. Names shorter than 30 characters is recommended.

You can register at most 5 alias name at the same time. Although you can also change those names, newly registration is limited up to 100 times.

POBox is working as an SMTP(Simple Mail Transfer Protocol) agent. In the settings of your email client software, you can choose POBox as your SMTP server to deliver message directly from POBox.

You will find information for basic configuration on the homepage of POBox displayed after logging in.

Additionally, you can compose and send a text message with POBox. Since the functionality is very minimal, for instance, you cannot attach documents with it.

SMTP function will be inactivated automatically after 1 year passed after your signing-up, for security reason. You will receive a notification about how to re-enable it via Tohokudai-mail.

POBox is NOT a tool to anonymize sender of email.Administrators can uniquely identify senders and track the activity on the network traffic.

Unfortunately, not. Please use Tohokudai-mail, instead.

Use of POBox is limited to the members of Tohoku University. Tohokudai-mail account is accessible during membership is valid, so that you will not be able to recieve the messages from POBox at a certain point after leaving Tohoku University.

POBox is simply transferring messages.

It is highly recommended that you install virus protection software on your device and regularly maintain it. Be aware that you do not open suspicious message nor attachment files.