Troubleshoots of POBox

May 11, 2018

Please check JUNK mailbox to see if there is a message from POBox. POBox sends messages from pobox.cite.tohoku.ac.jp domain, so that you need to allow accepting this domain in your SPAM filter's rules.

Some email servers may intentionally add some delay time to prevent receiving a lot of SPAM mail. After waiting several minuites, you may recieve the message from POBox.

As long as user validation via email is not completed, you can cancel the sign-up procedure.

Please go to Undo sign-up process to cancel, then, try to redo sign up again.

The SMTP (email send) function is automatically disabled when 1 year passes after sign-up.

Please login POBox and check the instruction displayed on the homepage. A notification will be automatically sent to your Tohokudai-mail account including instruction, as well.

When you leave a page remaining untouched for 1 hour, that page becomes deteriorated or expired. If you try to send data from such expired page, this message is displayed.

This is a protection mechanism against the CSRF(Cross-Site Request Forgery).

There seems to be internal trouble with the POBox server, or unnotified maintenance is undergoing.

If the situation remains the same for a long time, please send message to administrator by email ().